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    Flying Colors Learning Centers

    Extremely disappointed and disgusted with the staff and owner of Center #5 that this daycare operates. Children are often neglected and left unsupervised, there is zero communication from teachers to parents, from teachers to kids themselves and absolutely no structure whatsoever. The owner has zero expectations and zero requirements for a person to meet to be able to work there, hence their huge lack of education in childhood development. Not one person in that building has a single credit for CDE much less a degree in that field which is better for him since all he can offer to them is minimum wage. Most of the staff is almost never nicely groomed or look professional and when there is a concern regarding their abilities to provide a nurturing and responsible care for the children there is never a reassurance from their end stating they are doing their best or that they will be better. It's a shame to know that a business in caregiving is exactly just that, a business, it's not a place where proper care is given to small children nor a place where they can really flourish since Owner is only concerned about quantity not quality.